Leave of Absence
  1. The application for leave should be made on the page set for the purpose in the school diary.
  2. In case of absence without leave, the student on returning to school must have the reason of absence certified very briefly by his/her parents in the school diary on the page set aside for it. Student returning to school after a contagious or an infectious disease should also produce a doctor’s certificate that they are free from infection. The school accepts no responsibility if the student, due to failure in producing such a certificate, is obliged to return home during class hours.
  3. As a rule not more than three days leave of absence will be granted to attend the wedding of a brother or sister and half day for a more distant relation.
  4. Repeated absence for feasts, wedding etc. renders the students liable for dismissal.
  5. Leave notes and other notes for permission should be addressed to the principal alone and must give specific and not general reasons. Hence, reasons such as sick, ill, not well etc. are not enough. The name, class and section of the child must be clearly stated on top of the application.
  6. Those children who have been sent from the school or have been struck off the rolls, are as a rule not readmitted. If readmitted, they will have to pay the entrance fee again.
  7. All pupils must return after holidays on the reopening day after every vacation. Those who return late after the holidays will be fined Rs.20/- per day of absence.