Event Calendar
Sl.No.Class Date DayEvent
12017-201806-Jul-2017ThursdayNewspaper reading and dictation english for classes III-V
22017-201807-Jul-2017FridayEssay Writing competition on topic "Bethany our Institution" for classes IX-XII
32017-201808-Jul-2017SaturdayMass reading and dication English for classes VIII
42017-201813-Jul-2017ThursdayCore value skit for classes III-V
52017-201814-Jul-2017FridayPortrait making on father founder for classes IX -XII
62017-201815-Jul-2017SaturdayBethany Quiz for classes VI-VIII
72017-201820-Jul-2017ThursdayMass recitation in English & Hindi for classes III-V
82017-201821-Jul-2017FridayMock Parliament for classes IX-XII
92017-201822-Jul-2017SaturdayDebate competition(favour and against) in English "Adds in between the news" for classes VI-VIII
102017-201827-Jul-2017ThursdayInstitution day celebration for classes III-V
112017-201828-Jul-2017FridayRehearsal of institution day program for classes XII M/N.M/Commerce
122017-201829-Jul-2017SaturdayInstitution day program for classes XII M / NM /Commerce